Lot of Emotional feeling [shit] happened today – I know that a lot of people thought and may be said the same statement to themselves or to others. Well, I had one too. I just want to share the story of today and I want you to share yours. You can use Facebook or twitter to link me with your story of today.

I am leaving the daily activities as it is not significant. Yesterday I had to some research work, so I slept around 4 pm and woke up by a call at 9 am. I had a class at 10 am. Hurry,,,,I reached college at 10 am and got the information that class got cancelled. Well and good…

Then I sit in front of the laptop trying to do research thesis. However lost interest in it as now a days this boring feeling comes occasionally..Changed my mind…Started playing game..Loony tunes. After losing all the five lives I again thought what to do?. The I just opened the thesis and one guy came with two projectors to test its functionality. I did that. Then what to do. Ok, Lets go to parcel the package. Me and her went for packing the A4 sheet papers which comes around 18 kg. Cut my fingers while packing. Carried the 18 kg package all the way through professional couriers and that was on the first floor..How dare them? Sent it. Then what to do?

There was a Hindi drama playing in nearby theatre under National Theatre festival. So went to see that with her. I was thinking some emotional shit and had mood swings. She was asking what happened and again what happened and again and again and again like an alarm. After that went back to college with a emotional feeling. Let me clarify here that you may now think that it was because of the drama. NOT AT ALL…it was purely entirely natural. Then feeling emotional and moody, I tried to sleep. However it did not help me as she again came with what happened and again what happened and again and again and again like an alarm. Then went to the beach and spent some time there..Felt really good in silence and I made her cry there just like that. Then taught her some very VALUABLE lesson which will help her in future. She applied that lessons just perfectly and demonstrated it. Emotion again.

Talked to another friend and had a smoke with her, talked some very personal things and I wanted her as a friend. Emotions again….Went to dinner with 9 friends..i am just calling them friends but I don’t consider two people as my friends…Had a good dinner with lots of fun…Emotions again.
Made a poster for International short Film festival and came back to flat with bike with Malayalm songs..Emotions again…

In between had talks about job and feeling of loss of salary, hectic work load, money issues etc. Overall when I consider this day ,I feel that- Lot of Emotional feeling [shit] happened today.

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