According to Statistics the total number of Facebook users worldwide is more than 1.4 Billion and the total amount of minutes people spend on Facebook every month is approximately 700 billion. Every 20 Minutes on Facebook, 1 million links are shared, 2 million friends requests are sent and 3 million messages are sent. There are articles which says each of us spend around 8 Hours Per Month on Facebook.

Why people spend time in Facebook? I have been asking this question to lot of the friends and i got very different results. I am going to share this results so that web masters can use social networks effectively in future.


Why are you spending time in Facebook? And For What?


1. I do not use too much of time ,but time i really mean to chat. - So chatting is a good option to know people and their interests.

2. To get some relationships dude..I like distance relationships

3. I like to get likes to my pics. For me small things matter a lot..So i like pics of others and they do that to me. Who don't like getting a number of likes to their profile pictures?

4. Facebook can be used to actually resolve conflicts and issues as i don't have to see other's faces..

5. I want a relationship or lover

6. I love playing games like Mafia or Farming..Nice ones..

What Articles says about the reasons?

1. Face book alleviate boring feelings..

2. It encourage entertainment.

3. Increases interpersonal communication

4. An online survey by 417 undergraduate students concluded that Face Book provide a platform for self-expression.

5. Personality traits play an important role.

6. We have a need to "amuse ourselves to death" as all the other media is really inert.

7. For information seeking from different sources.

There are some studies that shows that Face Book actually make users sad. Or you can refer this article in which also talk about how Face Book makes the users sad. This article has cited many articles and journals in order to establish this fact. It will give you some insights. Also a bathroom survey says that young people spend toilet time on Facebook. Its really interesting.

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