I was surfing around the web and got some videos that generate ideas about Men and Women in India. These videos generate different emotions in viewers. Some videos handle issues at hand and try to reason with it. Some just sensationalize the issues and create more issues. Some of these videos are having wild comments and some have very personal attacks. If you have time, you can just take a glance at them.

What will you do if you see a girl being harassed-? Social Experiment in Mumbai and Delhi

Public Experiment on Women Abuse in India

Harassing a girl in Public

How people respond to a situation where they see a girl is harassed and stalked.  

Harassing a Girl from North East 

How Do Indian Men Approach Women?

This video says that Indian men should be ashamed and only that make a change.

Whether young girls enjoy?

A Journalist in a discussion asked Parineeti Chopra A Sexist Question and see her reply

Staring at a women does matter?

This video had very mixed comments. NDTV shared this video on facebook- "Walk of Shame: In Stare-o-Meter Fail, ?#?Delhi? Doesn't Spare This Young Woman http://bit.ly/1nQtRmJ "

What should a woman do?

Everything a woman must do


A woman in bus stand at night?

A short film

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