There are people in organisations who use their power to make others feel inferior. These people often make things confusing and confiscate happiness of other persons. They often called as power playing dominant employer or we can call them PPDE's.

What they often do to hurt others?

They actually say matters indifferently to even people who are friends that can be said in a polite way with a friendly manner. This kind of a serious way usually make others confusing and irritating.

They try to control others and exert power on others to do things that they don't like.

They don't understand that people understand things even without power politics.

They make others look bad using gossips inside the work group.

The find trivial reasons to make others bad and to use their power.

They sometimes use verbal abuse like, "you’re unreliable".

They create face expressions that say, "I am superior and you are inferior, and the thing you are doing is really bad and worse. You should not repeat this. This is bad for the organisation".

These people do not respect emotions of others and are assertive in nature.

They will be critical toward other and use power to criticize others like calling employees obvious loafers and sneaky slackers. 

They jump into conclusions fast and stay in that belief strongly.

They block the motivations of employees and sometimes use strong terms to disappoint them even if they do good work.

They will not appreciate others even employee did an awesome job.

They blame the employee for their mistakes and often try to cover mistakes up.

How employees feel about it?

They will not be satisfied with the current job.

They will think about leaving the job.

They will be confused and irritated and try to find out what is wrong with them and their work.

They will have bad feelings in the work place and sometimes a guilt feeling with anger.

They may have a mental gap with the organisation and try not to contribute their potential and abilities to the organisation.

They will not feel that they belong to they current organisation.

They feel indifferent to the organisations's policies and feel the environment as too constrict.

The leaders of the organizations should answer these questions of dominance. The CEO's should understand the reasons behind job dissatisfaction of employees and replace the dominant person or give him training in social skills. The leaders should create a good reason for the employees to stay in the current job.

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