I have been watching some prank videos and suddenly i saw this video. In it a Kid was trying to prank his dad. The dad was coming from work to house. The kid set up the camera and asked the dad to sit with him. Dad came and lied in the bed. The kid started saying that papa, that girl which i talked about, she is pregnant. Dad was not convinced and asked like what did you say? Then the kid says that the girl is pregnant and apologies for it. Dad just kicked the poor kid from bed and started to beat the kid and abuse.The abuse is in Hindi, like son of dog, *^&% etc. I don't know what he meant when he said son of dog. Anyways after a while the kid said that it is prank and not true. Then the dad says that, prank ka bache - which means son of prank....LOL..

I saw this video on Scoopwhoop.com and i really liked it. The heading was like this "A Guy Tries To Prank His Dad & It Goes Horribly Wrong. Is This The Biggest Parenting Fail Ever?". After all the author analyse it in parenting perspective. When considering the beatings and abuse, i think the dad was not brought up in a good family. In India, parents have a freedom to beat his or her son or daughter. More than a freedom, most believe that it is a right. So that rather than taking issues seriously and in patience, parents shouts at children and beat them up.

Most parents believe that children will improve only if they are been beaten up and punished. I have seen so many parents saying that their children do not obey them and it is because they didn't  punished them. Well, parents should consider their grown up children as adults and should not beat like this.

I saw a comment in the website by a women saying that "This video is an example of Indian men whom don't respect women". Well, i don't think we can say like that on the basis of this video. Once you make judgement, it should be based on some facts and not mere some emotions. Rape and abuse cases are happening everywhere and India is not an exception. The patriarchal system in India accelerate the cases and create more issue. That does not mean all the Indian men are wrong or vice versa. As somebody commented as a reply to the above comment. Now a days judgement is always based on the 80:20 ratio.

This video has about 80 comment and most of the comments are discussing on the issues of men - women relationship. You can discuss too..

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