You know that there are some MOMENTS in life that make you think, that make you so intuitive and sometimes make you exist as human beings.

about ted talks
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These moments could not be ignored and these are life changing moments to you and may be for others. I have been hearing TED talks for a shorter time, let us call it three months but I have been subjected to vast amount of information around the world.

 It started from ART, CULTURE, TECHNOLOGY and many more. I bookmarked the TED topics page and when I sit in front of my personal computer, I call it AIM (including artificial intelligence and Me), I scrolled down the topics, select one topic and open it in the new tab. Then I click each video, put it on new tab and download them one by one. Mostly I download those videos with the subtitle of English. Sometimes I do not understand the speakers and sometimes I do not know the English very well.

These talks will be downloaded to my AIM and I saw them at night, usually starting from 12:01 am to 1:30 or 2:00 am in the morning. I enjoy the talks, sometimes these talks inspire me, make me thinking, make me cry and make me happy. I think these talks are the MOMENTS, which I believe is life changing. These moments help me thinking that good people are there and they are doing something for the world. They want to change the system of corruption, extreme poverty, selfishness at every sense to a world with liberty and equality. The world where prosperity comes from the fraternity and not from greed. The world where creativity flourish and everybody become happy and joyful.

The world where everybody, women, child, men and animals live in a cooperative sense. The world where everybody live not just survive. I believe that these can be achieved, not in my lifetime not in my child’ lifetime but in the mere future. The future where we can take just a peek. I hope by joining hands to support those who work, those who initiative action for the good cause, we can become them, we can share their passion, we can work as a team to lit a brighter future that give light the poorest poor of the world. As Bono said, “Facts want to be free, and when they become free, liberty is just around the corner even for the poorest of the poor”.


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