Human Immuno Deficiency Virus destroys the immunity of the body as well as the immunity in the society. Lot of people like +Bill Gates are trying to eradicate AIDS from the world and hope it will become a curable disease in coming days.

Today I was invited for a motivation class for people living with HIV. I was reconnoitering a lot in internet about these kinds of motivational video and images. The main thing that surprised me that all most all of them were associated with death, sex, depression and other diseases. I could not find any newspaper reports that really motivate a man or woman living with HIV. The mystification of HIV disease is so huge and this process has influenced by media, news channels etc. The negativity surrounding this disease is huge. I even find out a report that discusses about HIV and suicide.

I went the Pratyasa centre, near Velliparabu, Calicut, Kerala. I went there with materials of taking a class and when I saw them discussing and heard their issues, I changed the idea of taking a class to conducting a discussion. So I conducted a discussion with more than 40 people with HIV. There was two small girls and one were studying in 8th class and 9th class. One girl asked me that why there is fear in people’s minds about HIV? And other girl asked why people are dying if they have HIV? I answered these questions by saying scientific understanding about HIV and its outcomes. But I understood that they were unable to comprehend the exact answers to the questions. So I asked these questions to all patients and tried to give those children different perspectives. I don't know whether children understood that clearly but i got so much information about their experiences.

Some people with HIV were so positive about it and some were not ready to accept it. The stigma surrounds this disease is huge and unimaginable. They are saying that even the doctors of Primary Health Centers ignore them if doctors knew about their disease. These doctors wear more than two coats for extra protection. I think the first awareness should start with the doctors and not from the common people.

They also faced avoidance from their family members and faced difficulties to face problems. Still they are not sure about facing the issues and stigma existing in their neighborhoods. They try to hide their issue and live carefully.

Hope the stigma around AIDS will be decreased and people with AIDS can live a dignified life in society.

I am sharing a touchy film in Hindi with subtitles in English about 47 migrant workers affected with HIV and how their lives are changed because of this.


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