We all search in Google to find out results but many of us do not the science behind searching. Well, let me explain a few things about searching in Google. The basic of Google search is that Google search engine considers only small letter words. Even if you type CAPITAL words, the engine will see like capital. You cannot use capital words to specify some words to get a particular result.

Logical Operators: Makes your search easy

OR, AND, and NOT are the three logical operators. If you are adding two or more words for searching it is better to add some logical operators like OR, AND, NOT etc. This will make your search easy. This technique or method is called Boolean searching.

boolean search for Google search engine

Let us find out about “OR” (/) first.

If you want to know about “blogger tips”, then it is better to type “blogger/tips” or “blogger or tips”. “OR, /” here means that this word and that word should be included in the search. The Google search engine will find all the websites which have either one keyword or two words like “blogger” and “tips”. You can use more than two words with adding OR. Your search will be specific to the keywords you choose. Some examples are Hollywood or history of film, Mohanlal or the complete actor, Spiderman/cool outfit etc.

What about AND?

The logical operator “AND” is used for specificity in the search. Ones you added two or more words with “AND” like “Google and tips”, “need AND one AND touch” etc., the search engine will only find out websites that have these words. Some examples are flu and symptoms, kathrina and kaif, sachin and Tendulkar etc.

NOT (-) is a filtering word

The logical operator NOT is used for filtering the site. If you want to know information about “blog” but not about “word press”, then you can use “blog - word press” or “blog not word press”. You should remember to put a space before and after the “-” sign which denotes NOT. Some examples are Pitt – Brad, gun not army, game – Max Payne, Justin – Bieber etc.
So if you add “OR, AND, and NOT” you could get a specific result which is less time consuming and easy to use. Hope this helps.

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