When I listened Bono’s talk about “The good news on poverty”, I happened to think a lot more about facts. I am doing M A Social work and I have been hearing so much about facts, tables, research all along my course. When I hear these data’s that put up on websites, academic materials, and journals, it actually made me to vomit.

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But not in reality but in the exam paper. I never thought that facts could make one happy other than scientists or math lovers. May be that is a thinking of college student or whatever. When I listened to that talk and imagined I being a FACTIVIST, I really laughed. I laughed because I know that how much I hate mathematics. Then I understood, facts are not always about some junk data, like according to Census, 2011 in India, the total number of people with disability is 2, 68, 10, 557 and the total number of people with mental illness is 7, 22, 826. So naturally, if you are like me, you will lose your concentration and imagination at the last 5 digits and you will drop counting them. These numbers actually do not explain the condition where people are living. So we need other data’s including qualitative research data.

These numbers are collected by less trained volunteers and for the sake of collecting data for government. What will be the real data? That is crucial question to ask. Sometimes you have to depend upon what is available rather than searching for the real answers. This makes me again come back to the point of Bono’s talk. I suggested this talk to my friend. After watching it he said, do the figure actually represent the reality and the truth what it meant to say. Can we envision a world that is free from poverty by 2028 or 2030? I am not following any skepticism, so I asked him to listen another speech by Dennis Hong about his “My seven species of robot” and pause 13:56. And I really believe rather than wasting criticizing others, just try to invent, create and apply things that solve the issue. I also think that it is better to understand and accept the truth from the facts that is far away and work towards it to achieve the AIM. I believe from the facts and facts only, we can gain the motivation to work united and hope for the better future.


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