The UDF manifesto 2011 of Kerala calls its manifesto development and care. As a liberal political observer, I have read the manifesto and was astonished to see how a political party with such strong history envisages development and mould its manifesto. Manifesto are statements or promises that gives people a hope to vote the party and it includes programs and policies that will be implemented when the party win the election.

To get power again the Congress manifesto for election 2011 promises, novel ideas for the development of health. These promises are focused more on establishing institutions, promoting tourism and stimulate infrastructure developments.

Though the manifestos in Malayalam and English are having so much observable differences, here review is based on the English manifesto. The paper tries to explain each of the promises related to Health in the manifesto and critically examine the practicalities of that promises.

The manifesto gives promises to establish new Public Health and Educational Institutions in Hill areas. The manifesto also promises that existing Public Health and Educational Institutions will be expanded. New Public Health and Educational Institutions are also needed in other areas in Kerala where population rates are high and focusing on hill areas will not help to cover the population.

Special Investment Regions 

Special Investment Regions will be set up, one in Palakkad for Health. One Special investment region will mainly cover an area of more than 100 sq. Kms or Industrial Area with an area of 50-100 squares (Arthapedia. 2013). It will focus more on economic activity supported by excellent infrastructure, premium civic amenities, centres of excellence and proactive policy framework. This concept of SIR was first introduced by the Gujarat Government on 6th January, 2009. The Congress manifesto give emphasize to imitate the Gujarat model of development in Kerala.

Nano technology 

Novel enterprises will be set up using Nano technology, which is beneficial in all sectors like Health. There are only two centres of Nano technology in Kerala, which are, the Amrita Centre for Nano sciences & Molecular Medicine, established in February 2006 was the first NANO-BIO centre in India and Regional Research Laboratory (RRL) in Thiruvananthapuram (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research). Therefore, there is a need for establishing a number of new centres of Nano technology to make way for novel enterprises. The two Nano centres were established before the manifesto was published and no new centres were established during the governance period. It is clear that this promise was just void.

Refresher courses in geriatric health care

Refresher courses in geriatric health care will be conducted. The existing number of old age homes in Kerala are 82 (Kerala government list on institutions. 2010) and the per capita expenditure is 163.12 Rupees as given in the table 1 and most of them are private institutions under Christian management. How many of these institutions may offer good payment to the individuals with the completion of refresher course in geriatric health care and no geriatric courses were established in Kerala during the 2010-2014 periods.

Linking Asha workers with benefits rural health schemes service sector

Linking Asha workers with benefits rural health schemes service sector will be strengthened and better provided. Till July 2009, 30909 Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) have been selected and 27904 of them who were given the induction training are being positioned for every 1000 population in the state (Arogyakeralam. 2011). However, ASHA workers protest against the low salary given by the Kerala Government. The government pays Rs. 600 and Rs. 1,450 a month to ASHA workers, in addition to the incentive given by the Union government (The Hindu. 2013). So this additional duty should be provided with an increase in the salary of them that will useful for the successful implementation of the program.

Health care of STs

Steps will be taken for the health care of Scheduled Tribal that is the vulnerable sections of the society. These statements are common in almost all the manifesto of parties without a plan to make it happen and it usually becomes a false promise. Steps will be taken for health protection of those affected by sickle cell Anaemia. Sickle cell Anaemia is prevalent among the indigenous communities in Wayandadu. The conditions of the indigenous communities including the primitive communities and scheduled in the central policies are worsened over these years and strong measures should be adopted for the health care protection. Their health care should not be isolated as a single entity. It is more centralised upon their living conditions, access to water, food and other services, economic conditions etc. Therefore, to promote the health care of the indigenous communities a holistic measure must be taken. There are specific programs proposed in the manifesto to ensure good health care of ST’s rather than a sentence.

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