I have seen a short film which is titled as “We all have problems”. This short film won many awards and I would like to discuss it with you. Do we all have problems? In our life we are having so many issues and difficulties. Sometimes a friend, who was very dear to you may change his/her nature and make your trust collapse like a glass flower case. There can be other issues like a love failure or a divorce, an accident may be and many more.

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So what normally people do when they have overcome emotional or mental issue or problems?
Some people cry over it. They just sit and cry which is a good catharsis whatsoever.
Some may think it over and rationalize it to reach a conclusion. They may formulate different hypothesis and reach nowhere.

Some go philosophical. They read some philosophical texts or some self-help books and console themselves. They understand that life is like this and one should accept life as it is. So there will not be any conflict at all.

Some are very religious. They go to temples, churches and mosques. When again they feel conflicts, they go to next stage, which is often the entry of black or white magicians for healing.
Some think about it sometimes, leave it, and then again think about it in order to get out of it. However, they were not able to come out from that. I think this kind of defense mechanism can lead to further emotional problems. They try a lot to get out from these emotions and sometimes they win. After some time they go back to the same state.

Most of the emotional problems are happening because people are more vulnerable to escapism. They try to escape from problems, run away from issue and they cannot face the real issues as it is. All they want is a solution by some others, and they will put all the responsibility of it to that person. This negative coping mechanism may lead to emotional problems and life with issues.

In order to escape from these emotions one should understand what are the issue, write down possible outcomes, think whether he/she can face it. If one cannot face it alone, the person can approach teacher, parent, friends, counselor or a medical professional for help. I think the short film is good and addresses the issues very neatly. I hope more and more good short films will be made to address issues, create suitable solutions and embrace them.

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