Humans cannot live an isolated life. Human is termed as social animal (well, i am not sure about it). This phrase itself describes the nature of interdependence of a men. If a healthy person needs others support to live a normal life, the requirements of a mentally ill person is immeasurable. Family and social support is inevitable factors of a mentally ill person. Family should stand beside the sick to overcome the challenge faced by the unfortunate. What is really happening considering the case of migrants?

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Migration and cultural changes

Healthy people are the good strength of every country; especially when it comes to unorganized sector. As country like India 91 percent labor force are working in unorganized sector and they played vital role in countries economy. Hence promoting good health among unorganized sector is a big investment to country. The easiest way to promote health is to make people aware about cause of diseases and it’s also important that this awareness should be happened with active participation of workers though conducting camps in fields.

Major share of the unorganized sector are filled with domestic workers. States like Kerala reported booming in infrastructure development are one of the hot spot of domestic labors. A recent report says that there are 25 lakh migrant labors working in Kerala. Most of them are coming from northern parts of the country and most of them are not only unskilled labor but also illiterate. These make them more prone to dangers working condition.

What can be done?

Awareness can be life saving. Especially, traumas care awareness and first aid training. Hundreds of people die because of the unavailability of life saving measures at first hand. It is more important for workers in unorganized sector like construction and heavy machinery. Hundreds get disabled or even loss their lives because of work site injuries, which can be saved with responsive first aid knowledge.

To make migrants aware about occupational hazards and possible emergencies what they can face
To provide training to workers to handle those emergencies
Identifying leaders within community and train them to respond fast, so the model will work even after termination of project
Moving slowly towards disaster management training

Leadership training can be given in a way as how to take action in case of urgent situation. For example, how to respond in an emergency, how to make yourself safe and others, how to use limited resources from surroundings and how and where to contact for further actions.

Above all the existing policies need to be re framed in order to address such issues and new methods should be adopted and strict implementations of these laws must be done.

These are special provisions enlisted in constitution of India and law of India to ensure equality before law, right of life, right of equality and provisions to ensure rights of vulnerable and marginalized sections of society. It is in line with spirit of constitution and intent of nation builders. Therefore, we have constitutional bodies like Commissions  to ensure enactment of the law. To ensure it law makers regularly keep on revising the act and still the amendment bill is pending before parliament.

Although after all acts and laws atrocities remain to happen and present a serious concern before law and society. In fact no law can stop something to happen unless good intent and change in society according to the law. Law comes out of people’s intentions and for people’s protection. We need to keep it in mind and act accordingly.

 Author: Unais Updated: 01/03/2014 1:22 PM

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