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Today i am going to share you about the "Social determinants of health". Health is determined by so many factors including psychological, social, physical and spiritual dimensions. These determinants either promote or deteriorate the health of person. In this post i am talking about these social determinants of health.

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In late 1970’s and early 1980’s Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher introduced the neo liberal ideology.

1. State should reduce its interventions in the market.

2. Labor and financial markets must be deregulated to open the flow of creative energy of the market.

3. Free trade without limitations of national boundaries must be promoted

By the implementation of these policies, the economy was centered around multinational corporations. In the health policy, the neo liberal ideology influenced very much.

1. A new insurance based health system by transforming national health services.

2. The privatization of health system

Determinants of Health 

The place, where a child is born have influence in the life span of that child. If the child is born in India, he/she is expected to live for 63 years.

Socio-economic status (SES) - Health of a person is influenced by income.

Traditionally defined by education, occupation - Improved work satisfaction, poor job environment like mining industries, nuclear factories and income.

Poor neighborhoods are located dis-proportionally and spread near highways, industrial areas, outskirts of cities and toxic environment. Main thing is that the land is cheaper, access to job and the effect of pollution is invisible.

Housing quality determines health- Asbestos sheet houses were built in Tamil nadu during the Tsunami relief. They will sleep outside due to hotter climate inside the house. The rate of childhood Asthma also increased exponentially. In Haiti, the houses built by UN are also congested and without bathroom facility.

Crowding within the family is also a problem for poor people.

Extreme noise exposure lead to ear damage.

Universal health coverage in Brazil, Canada and other countries does not ensure equal chance for poor people to get specialist care as rich people.

Demography is the statistical study of human population. Direct and indirect methods of data collection.

Sociology of health and illness covers sociological pathway (causes of disease and illness).

Social stratification by class, gender and ethnicity.

Some other Perspectives about determinants of health are,

 Marxists- Role of class, profit making attitude of capital pursuits, increasing commercialization of health, Functionalist theory- Everybody do a little part of it., Feminists and Foucauldians.


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