Akhil S Kumar 21-03-2014

Have you heard that Harry Potter is coming as books? No, then you should. We all love Harry Potter and his adventures even if it is in novels, stories, movies etc. We all are fans of Harry Potter so here is the chance to read them. The famous Bloomsbury is going to republish the Harry Potter children’s editions.

cover page of harry-potter-sorcerers-stone
Source: hypable.com

This information was posted by Andrew Sims in Hypable.com in 20 March 2014. This Harry Potter children’s editions will be released in this September. The cover of the Harry Potter children’s editions are designed by the popular Jonny Duddle. Bloomsbury looks at this new venture as to create a child-friendly experience for the new generation of readers, which are children to create interest in reading and imagination. The children ill really love these stories and will love reading for sure.

The cover of the children’s editions of Harry Potter looks awesome. Harry has a hair which is really difficult to manage and the face of others are also cool. There are so much confusions in the minds of readers like how the story Goblet of Fire can be portrayed in children’s editions because it have a horrifying and dark nature. Hope they will do something like lessening the dark nature or cut these parts. This will create a whole lot of money for Bloomsbury and they are thinking to make new arrangements in the London fare as reported by hypable.com. I hope that the existing prints will be available to readers and those who haven’t purchased it yet. This will ensure that people have a chance to buy them. We all are waiting for the latest announcements by Bloomsbury for the children’s editions of Harry Potter and hope it will be new and creative.

Source: hypable.com

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