The shocking finding from the 66th Round of NSS pertaining to 2009-10 is that nearly 77 per cent of the people were in the category of poor and vulnerable with an average expenditure of not more than Rs. 20 per day per capita in 2004-05 in India.

So if the person is coming from a scheduled tribe / community it is really difficult for him to escape from the so called minimalistic poverty line. What if the person is a ST/ SC, woman who has a disability it will be nearly impossible to get over it.

India govt provides the following facilities such as,

  •     Disability pension/unemployment pension
  •     Disabled person's scholarship
  •     Insurance scheme for the mentally challenged
  •     Adhara scheme helping to set up small shops
  •     Telephone booth
  •     Free education up to 18 years
  •     Free legal aid
  •     Aids and appliances (for multiple disabilities)
  •     3% Job reservation (only cerebral palsy included)
  •     Concessional bus passes
  •     Railway concession                

 The statutory social pensions even though minimal were really helping those individuals who are living behind a curtain or a shabby cloth instead of a door with an impaired mental state. But unfortunately, this statutory right are often not received by the right holder. Why they are not receiving it? Where is the difficulty? What is actually the GAP? The research is to find out where the gap is? When it happens? Who created the gap? What they can do overcome the gap?

right holders in India
right holders in India

Criteria for Allotting Pension for Mentally/Physically Challenged

1. Applicant must be a destitute.
2. No person shall be eligible for the pension, if he/she is in receipt of any other pension except in connection with Leprosy, TB and cancer.
3. No person shall be eligible for the pension, if the person applied for any other pensions.
4. No person shall be eligible if he/she resorts to habitual begging.
5. Applicant is not eligible if the person is admitted to a poor home.
6. Family annual income of or less than Rs.22, 375/- in urban area and less than Rs. 20,000/- in rural area.
7. They should apply near local body like panchayath.
8. Disability medical certificate must be submitted.

There are crores and crores of rupees of corruption is happening in Politics and subsidies are given to corporate sectors. So why government is not relaxing these criteria and giving benefits to the rural people who deserve it.

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