The Union Christian College was founded in 1921 with an aim of wholesome education of the young in order to bring out the best in each individual. The college commits itself to the motto “truth shall make you free” for the promotion of peace and justice. It seeks to nurture transparency and integrity in private and public life.

The department of Psychology, Union Christian College is the oldest psychology department in Kerala established in 1965. The department has laboratories for both U.G and P.G courses, independent library and counseling center. The faculty includes seven qualified academicians with research and clinical experience. There are 30 PG students and 96 UG students in the department. The department has conducted several outreach programs such as seminars, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, awareness classes, interventions etc.

Activities conducted in 2012

 Students in the Psychology department are actively involved in taking classes on various issues faced by adolescents such as addiction, relationship issues, and academic problems in various schools and suggest suitable solutions organizations as a part of service learning.

The students interacted with children in the tribal hostel in Perumbavoor to gain an insight into the challenges they face as they are being integrated to the larger society. The boys were given counseling on various issues like academic, interpersonal and social problems such as addiction, child labor etc.

Workshop on counseling skills and techniques was conducted to train students to carry out peer counseling among needy students within the college. A hand book was prepared so that other institutions can execute similar programmes.

Religion Redux, a seminar was conducted to explore the influence of religion on Kerala psyche. Eminent academicians, social critics and writers interacted with the students.

The department has a working alliance with Alzheimer’s day care center, Kaniamkunnu under the Rotary Club.  The students regularly visit the center to interact with the inmates. A poster exhibition was conducted in association with them to sensitize students and staff of the college towards the special need and challenges of people with Alzheimer’s and their care.

A one day workshop was organized at We care special school to provide training for the care takers and parents by the invited specialist and the faculty of the department. The department has undertaken the responsibility to assess the level off functioning and the prospects for improvement of the inmates, to provide technical assistance to train care takers, to give counseling and psychological interventions to the parents and the students will work with the school for various sensitization campaigns to be organized by the “WE CARE” special school, west Veliyathunadu.

Students and faculty regularly conduct classes for Kudumbasree women on various health related issues like environmental, physical and sexual hygiene as well as issues faced by women during menopause.
The department has initiated an association with the Pain and Palliative care unit, Ernakulam as a part of our extension program.

Proposed Activities for 2013

1. Conduct a two day exhibition for the benefit of the college and the larger community on strategies to maintain and promote mental health and improve awareness on positive mental health.
2. Orientation program is planned to sensitize students toward life threatening and progressive diseases like Cancer, paralysis, degenerative brain disorders and to train students in pain and palliative care.
3. An epidemiological survey on various chronic diseases and mental health issues faced by the community is on the pipeline.
4. Provide infrastructure facilities for the Welfare home for the destitute and special school under the Welfare trust.  There are approximately 80 differentially abled children in the We Care special school and about 20 elders in the welfare home for the aged. But there are not enough facilities to accommodate such a large number of children and the numbers of care takers are only 10.
5. To invite special educators, speech therapists, occupational therapists to train care takers of the special school.

Orientation class of Pain and Palliative care

Service learning centre, Psychology department and NSS unit of UC College, Aluva jointly conducted the Orientation class of Pain and Palliative care for potential volunteers for a formal unit on 2012 December 15, Saturday at T B Ninan Hall at 11:00 AM. The programme was conducted smoothly due to the efforts of all students and teachers. There were more than 50 volunteers to attend the orientation class.
Mr. Yousuf (Co-ordinator pain and palliative care UC College) inaugurated the session by cutting the Cake. He talked about Pain and Palliative care and the functions of it. Pain and Palliative care helps patients who are suffering from major diseases by providing a holistic development for the entire family including personal care. Ms.Bini (Chief Nurse) also demonstrated the ways and methods to help the patients. The orientation class was dispersed by providing valuable knowledge to all volunteers.

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