As a part of the One Touch- mental health club, a group of seven students including Vishnu Digambaran, Akhil.S.Kumar, Mohammed Labeeb, Dijo.K.J, Mnsila, Arun.K.Joseph and Kesiya Alex visited Alzheimer’s center, Kadungalloor, Aluva on 08-09-2012

day care center

We reached there in 10:30 am. As discussed earlier we chatted with the eminent Psychologist MS.Beena Mathew who helped us to talk with the clients (likely to call them clients than patients). Seven clients were there but only five of them were present at that time so that we got enough time for the interaction with them.
We met Kamalakhiyamma who aged more than 80 interacted us with so much passion. She was born in a rich home.  She brought her children well so that they are in different areas. 

Her younger daughter passed away a year ago. She considered us as her children and gave 500 rupees to eat from the hotel by asking from Beena miss. We witnessed the phenomena of losing short term memory in her. She changed her number of daughters from 15 to 8 in 10 minutes. We are really surprised that when the time reached to eat the food she only talked about food and related aspects. The task given to her was to separate small black colored stones from grains.

Then Aravindakshan, another client smiled at us. He was a pleasant man who aged 55 years. He was taking some time to respond to our question about his family, number of children and spouses. Beena told us that he complained a lot that he hasn’t eaten food even after taking food 5 minutes ago. He was partially mute when he came to the center but after 3 months he improved a lot. Now he can say words properly.

Another was Muraly. All he did was walk around without saying anything. He will repeat anything and will wander in the hall. The Psychiatrist Mr. Anoop said that Muraly is affected by semantic dementia, a rare form of dementia. The family not aware of Alzheimer’s disease first took him to a mental hospital. After the treatment he lost his coordination to speak.

On 21 September 2012

Minsila Hilal, Fathima Karim, Vishnu.V.V, Vishnu Digamber
On 28 September 2012

 Vishnu .V.V, Nishal, Vishnu Digamber, Minsila, Cartherine, Reshma, Nisbin and Shabnum visited the Alzheimer’s day care center.
On 13 October 2012

Meenu Vargheese, Zeenath K.A, Thanuja Faisal, Sheby Babu, Vishnu. D, Nisbin, Dijo.K.J

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