Sramadhan- love your campus by keeping it clean was conducted in Mental Health Action Trust at YWCA campus by the Master of Arts in Social Work in Mental Health and Master of Arts in Applied Psychology specialization in Clinical Psychology. The cleaning was started in 10:30 AM and students were thrilled to start cleaning. The waste was first thrown out from the campus. 
Sramadhan at MHAT, Love the campus by keeping it clean
Sramadhan at MHAT, Love the campus by keeping it clean

Sramadhan at MHAT, Love the campus by keeping it clean part one

On the way of cleaning, Arun found the lost HP pen drive of Martina, which cost 500 rupees. It was lost before one month and it is so small, so that even Martina couldn’t find it. Finally, Martina has offered to treat students for finding the pen drive. The dry leaves were burned and the sky was clouded with smoke and dust. Then the windows, bathrooms, and floors were cleaned. The campus surroundings were cleaned and most of them were burned down and finally everything was good.
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Sramadhan at MHAT, Love the campus by keeping it clean

After cleaning the campus, we had lots and lots of lemon juice and everybody was delighted to see the even the non-working committee (looks only). After that, we got “Pathiri, Parippuvada and uzhunnuvada” which were so tasty. At noon, we had Chicken Biryani from the great Rahmath Restaurant in Calicut. It cost about 2599 rupees, which is too low. This was tasty and yummy. The students enthusiastically participated in the cleaning and they expect that this experience may make them better citizens who responsible for the nation and universe. This awesome experience will grow like a tree with numerous boughs.

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Having a biryani

What is cleaning?

Sramadhan at MHAT
Sramadhan at MHAT, Love the campus by keeping it clean image 3
The time when we realise that we have certain stuffs, which never thought of. It is the process, where broomstick, waste box, mob comes together in action. It is the dream of authorities and curse for students. These are times where students think; why there is no robot to clean all this junk. Just joking..
The cleaning was  a good experience and hope we will do more sramadhans in future. We thank all the faculty, staffs and others for arranging this program.

Mental Health Action Trust, (MHAT)SB account no: 67134861494, (IFSC: sbtr0000758, MICR: 673009013, Swift Code: SBTINBBFED) with State Bank of Travancore, PSB Branch Kozhikode – 70758, 28/2453BPottammal, Kozhikode. Please donate generously. Your contribution could make a huge difference to the lives of the poorest of the mentally ill, to bring them back to normal lives.Thank you..

 Author: akhil Updated: 27/02/2014 1:22 PM

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