An autobiographical piece

Dear friends,

I am not sure how to write an autobiographical piece. But I thought that I should write this one as starting point. Today is February 26 and my birthday too. I am thankful to all my parents, brother, friends, colleagues and all others for promoting me, sacrificing for me and keep nurturing me.

shipmethis author, Face book, MHAT and a White cake
From Birthday, Face book, MHAT and a White face
I have done so many mistakes, caused so many issues, and made bigger problems due to my ignorance and negligence. These issues ended up in hurting people around me. I am not sure I cared people who want to be cared by me. I cannot travel back and correct all the things I said, done and made. What I can do is just apologizing to all the negative deeds I have done in my life and I will be very happy if those persons who have been hurt by me accept my sincere apologies.

About yesterday


I have changed my birthday status of my Facebook page from February 26 to February 10. I have done this to avoid being beaten up my dear friends. But my friends remembered it and give an awesome gift. Now I have pain in my back….

About Today

My friends gave me an awesome hair cut (NO HAIR AT ALL) in the morning, 7 AM. This is awesome. I have a profit of 60 rupees. I went to MHAT for class as usual. Everybody was so astonished to see my head. They touched my head and Ravi said that I am like a new born child. Then I cut the cake, which was white in colour (now I hate white). I sang a poem, “Renuke, nee”. They put all the cake on my face and hairless head. It was so “nice”. From this I have learned a lesson that is it is so easy to put cake on head but it is really difficult to wash it away. I have spent about half an hour in the washbasin, used two hand wash bottles, so many tissue papers, a bath towel etc. Ajil washed most of the things from my head using the hand wash.. OMG….

Finally I sat down in ease after the celebration and wrote this post. Thanks to everybody who celebrated my birthday…A DAY TO REMEMBER

 Author: akhil Updated: 26/02/2014 1:22 PM

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