Service learning centre, Psychology department, NSS unit of UC College and Welfare trust, Veliyathnadu, Aluva jointly conducted the One day workshop for Parents of mentally challenged children on 2012 November 30, Saturday at Welfare trust Hall at 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM. The programme was conducted smoothly due to the efforts of all students and WE care staff. There were more than 50 Parents to attend the One day workshop.

NGO workshop Parents of differentialy abled children
NGO workshop Parents of differentialy abled children

Mr. Muhammed Iqbal (Vice-Chairman, Welfare trust)) inaugurated the workshop. The workshop was dispersed by providing valuable knowledge to all parents. In response to the speech the Psychology department of UC College has decided to undertake the responsibility to assess the level of functioning and the prospects for the improvement of the inmates, to provide technical assistance to train care takers, to give counselling and psychological interventions to the parents. The students will also work with the school for various sensitization campaigns to be organized by the “WE CARE” special school, West Veliyathnadu.

Ms. Kessiah Sara Alex
Welcome Speech
Mr.Vishnu Digamber (Association secretory, Psychology department)
Presidential Address
Mr. V.V Abdul Hameed (Vice-President, Welfare trust)
Mr. Muhammed Iqbal (Vice-Chairman, Welfare trust))
Mr. K. M Kasim (P T A President)
Vote of Thanks
Ms. Minsila Hilal
MORNING SESSION of the workshop was conducted by Ms. Praseetha, Special Educator and it ended at 1:00 PM.
AFTERNOON SESSION of the workshop started at 1:45 PM. It was conducted by Dr.Seena M. Mathai (Head of the Department, Psychology department, UC College) and Ms. Reshmi Babu (Guest lecturer, Psychology department, UC College)
Welcome Speech
Muhammed Labeeb P K
Presidential Address
Prof. Abdul Rahman (President, Welfare trust)
Mr. Kunjimohammad (Manager, WE Care special school)
Mr. V M Abdul Majeed (Joint Secretary, Welfare trust)
Ms. Pankajakshiyamma (Matron, WE Care special school)
Vote of Thanks
Ms. Sini E T (Principal, WE Care special school)
The parents expressed their sincere thanks for organising such a workshop.

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