Speek Out Loud is a registered charitable society under the Society Registration act of XXI of 1860 working for promoting mental health. We are a team of dedicated and well-qualified mental health students and professionals.

We conduct awareness campaigns, seminars, legal cell, counselling services and user’s groups in different places and cities in Kerala on mental health, and related aspects. While conducting these exercises, we are observing that only very few NGO’s are working actively for the betterment of the community of persons with mental illness and their families.

Our mission is to promote mental health and help persons with mental illness and their dependants and focus more on the implementation of programmes. Speak Out Loud can promote mental health and awareness about mental health in youth and establish greater participation of youth throughout all the colleges and universities of Kerala, which will almost cover more than 2000 students.

Speek Out Loud Project


1. To conduct advance in-service education and training programmes for students in schools, colleges and universities about mental health and mental illness.

2. To develop and evaluate service rendering prototypes for the various categories of mental health.

3. To advocate for the rights of person with mentally illness and their dependants by articulating the need of the local citizenry and mobilise them to access their rights and entitlements.

4. To conduct in-depth surveys in a specific ward of a Panchayath to find out how many persons with mentally illness are there, how many are getting benefits like disability pension and certificate, what are the problems they faced to get these etc.

5. To make a research study based on the survey results and analyse the different aspects related to mental health.

6. To visit families of drop out patients from Medical college, Calicut and make them aware about the importance of treatment and interventions.

7. To build user’s group in various communities to ventilate the feelings of persons with mental illness and their families and as a platform to share their feelings.

8. To conduct mass campaigns using social networks and other means to stimulate mental health and support persons with mental illness.

9. To promote visits of students to mental health centres and special schools.

10. To start and promote clubs about mental health in schools and colleges.



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