Those who lead a good life in Kerala is used to say that to be a good man or woman, you have to be virgin. What you mean by that? Scientifically we can say that people are virgins until they start masturbating. Culturally this has evolved to be predicament that cannot be solved scientifically. Lets say being not a virgin does not mean that you are not a good friends, a good father, a good man or woman. Its just a vacuum where we cannot fill with rational answers.

Let’s imagine one friend who loved you for more than one year tells you that she or he is not a virgin. You become angry, contemplate how he or she did it and say whatever comes in your mind with feeling of disappointment and agony. I am not sure whether its disappointment but I cannot find a suitable word for it. It’s just happen right?. Well let’s examine your part….Angrily tell him or her commands that hurt the person and makes the person situation more worse…How maturely can you act upon that? How mature are you? If you respond just like I stated above we can be sure that a little bit of improvement in maturity is needed for you. It may be the first situation that you have handled or it may does not felt right when hearing. But lets just say its happens…be happy……I am not sure..or we need to yell like what you have done? Can you look at the face of your own mother or father? 

Such negative questions make the person tormented. So better be like this…or another thought is also good. Who cares? Let her or him to do what they want to do. I am having another affair or I am having more to think rather than this silly thing. See its just what you think become the culture..the idea flourishing to oneness of the whole…understanding that you do not enough maturity is the first stage of becoming mature….so such incidents will help you to think about cultural boundaries and social walls inside you…you will also face the kind of social roles you are supposed to play…let’s hope for the best..

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Reviewed by Wilhelm John on December 19 2013

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