Today I thought about sharing about films. I am crazy about good English films that share something more to the viewers. Such films happen very rarely. I used happens because these films are not made but happens.
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Review August Rush film shipmethis

We all love films. We all fancy those who act in the film. We all try to become the hero or heroine. This happens because our self-image needed more boosting to become satisfied with worldly pleasures. Some films make us cry like a baby, some make us laugh and some films makes us cry while laughing and laugh while crying. August Rush is one of the film that made me cry while laughing or vice versa. I am not sure about it that whether I was crying first time or laughing. These two motions were merged and happened in a jiffy.

I have seen August Rush the film today which brought me to my old childhood day where  I listen to the sounds of snow falling on my hear, where the birds plays you music each night when the moon glow, where everything stand still and you are the only person standing in the rooftop watching the stars and the blue sky and thinks how this universe is come to the mind. Well, it all comes from music. You just need to listen to it.
I do not know what we all are doing in this world. Come after a quick cry, do a little chat and die after last breath….All are questions without answers but it all makes you feel something out of the ordinary in between the ordinary…we call it love but while we goes beyond love…and beyond that. We will realise that that something is far beyond…..

My flash feelings do not have an end as well as a well-defined beginning. It just start from the inner and it just flow…like a wave… wind. Like water..
Listen to the inner calling…then all become still…a moment of life and living..

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