The mental health day is day which we all should celebrate and more than that do some social service. Well, let's hear some suggestions from students who do social work.

Name of the day can be suggested = “MENTAL ILLNESS –UNTOUCHED or HIDDEN PICTURES-REVEALED” - October 10 – The World Mental Health Day Celeb.



1. The documentary” hidden pictures” is in English, so it is better to add sub titles and if possible dubbing it. This will be very helpful for some people.

We classified the programme into three phases- Before October 10, On 10, After 10.

Before Oct 10 –

1. Screening different documentaries can do in the evenings of each Saturday in YWCA campus for students.
2. Conducting film festivals.
3. Screening the “Hidden Pictures documentary or more relevant indigenous documentaries” in most of our clinics by volunteers and the community. The day of screening can be converted into a gathering of all patients and their relatives like a social function.
4. We need to take a documentary on patients and relatives when they watch the documentary in Clinics. Their expressions and talks can be recorded with consent.
5. We need to invite some (Max 5 minute length) short films to conduct competition based on mental health.
6. Conducting “breaking myths about mental illness” study in and around Malabar region.

On Oct 10 –

1. We prefer to have a grant celebration on October 10. In that day all of the volunteers of clinics and relatives of some patients which volunteers prefer should come to the venue (need to be decided). First of all we can start with a talk of eminent personality.
2. Then we can screen “hidden pictures” and have a discussion on that.
3. In that day we can start an organization like KIP for all the volunteers and community members. So they can access the resources and connections between themselves.
4. Conducting short film competition and prize distribution.
5. We can have a talk about in Radio to increase our reach and publicity.

After Oct 10 –

Most of the outreach programmes can be conducted in this phase.

1. Showing “hidden pictures and other documentaries” to students in Colleges and schools.
2. Starting mental health clubs in Schools and Colleges.
3. Street plays can be conducted all around locality.
4. Conducting exhibition based on breaking myths.

What as students can do in colleges and schools?

Student awareness

1. Home visits- Students visit homes of people with mental illnesses and their family, interact with them, and ask them about problems, issues and solutions.

2. Awareness classes- Awareness classes can be conducted by resource persons who are experienced in mental health field and about interested topics for students.

3. Student drama- Students create a drama relate to mental health and provide a positive message to society.

4. Speek Out Loud clubs- Forming Speek Out Loud clubs in college is a wonderful method to organise same-minded people and create good programs. This can ensure the programs are planned and done.

5. Short films, film festivals, photo competitions, quiz competitions, rallies, street plays, exhibitions other programs which can be conducted in special days related to mental health in Mental health centres and hospitals and documentaries.

Social Awareness

1. Survey- Finding out needs of people with mental illness and their family such as availability of disability pension, disability certificate, disability card etc and conducting survey to find out the number of needy people.

2. Get together of patients- Conducting get together of people with illnesses and their relatives and make them happy and relaxed.

3. Employment opportunities- People with mental illnesses can be employed in some sectors and also the relatives also can be employed. So it is better to create network to find out employment opportunities that can give earning for them.

4. Finding rehabilitation centres- Some patients need rehabilitation to improve their quality of life. So it is better to find out nearest rehabilitation centres, NGO’s, professional doctors, agencies which can give funds etc.

5. Giving awareness to people about various schemes like disability pension, bus pass, railway concession etc of Government and Non-Governmental Organisations.

Getting resources

1. Collecting old books, clothes, toys and people who can sponsor new items.

2. Programs with registration fee are also a method to collect some money.

3. Funds also can be collected from various other agencies including department funds, NSS funds, Alumni fund etc.

4. Free Medicines can be collected from various agencies near locality.

Creating sustainability

1. Peer counselling- counselling can be provided by friends to friends. With little training, students can become licensed peer counsellors.

2. Helpline services- Services including helpline can be provided through telephones and mobile phones.

3. Online activism- Rather than creating face book groups only, it is better to start with Free SMS service by giving various news related to mental health, creating groups of same-minded people, links to other NGO’s etc.

4. Research studies can also be conducted with ethical standards.

These are some of the ideas generated by students. You can also contribute and do some service in October 10. Let us join hands for a better future...
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